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To foster intimacy between staff and strengthen cohesiveness between teams for the entire extended family of the ITS Library as well as to strengthen personal closeness with their families and as a medium of entertainment for refreshing for a moment and to increase new enthusiasm for staff to motivate cooperation and solidarity among others, then on Saturday and Sunday (3-4 December 2022) the ITS Library has held a Family Gathering activity with the theme “One Team One Family”. This activity was filled with gathering dinners, games, gymnastics and photos with all staff and newly retired Mr. Abas and Mr. Sumadi and all the families of each staff present.

This time the family gathering was held at Aston Sidoarjo City Hotel & Conference Center, Kahuripan Sidoarjo. This location was chosen because it is close to the city of Surabaya and is very suitable and comfortable for a place of refreshing and gathering for the ITS library big family. By using their private vehicles, each family gathers at Aston from 2.00 WIB and after occupying their respective rooms, they are allowed to do free activities in the hotel area such as swimming, doing to the gym, or just taking a walk. happy family.

The Family Gathering event was held in the evening around 6 after the Maghrib prayer, starting with a joint dinner, a few moments later the event was opened with enthusiasm by two library MCs, Eko, and Fahrul. The Head of the Library, Edy Suprayitno gave a speech about the purpose of holding this family gathering activity, among others, to establish friendship between fellow library staff families so that they know each other that when they meet on the street they can greet each other. “Sometimes I don’t recognize the children or wife/husband of ladies and gentlemen, moreover every family member of the staff who is here is, of course, getting bigger and more mature or having more family members, both children, and grandchildren, if an activity like this is not held it will be easy to forget because his face might change from that of a child to that of a teenager, from a teenager to an adult,” said the man from Nganjuk.

After Mr. Edy’s remarks, the event continued with the release of 2 newly retired staff with thanks for their dedication while working at the ITS Library. Then proceed with games for parents and children with attractive and entertaining prizes. To add to the excitement, don’t forget to offer live music to accompany the family gathering this time, several staff and families also contributed several songs which added to the spirit of the atmosphere that night. The event ended at around 9 pm to be continued tomorrow in the joint morning exercise and distribution of door prizes for all ITS library staff. Thus the ITS Library Family Gathering event with the hope that it can motivate and increase productivity so that it can provide the best achievements for the progress of the library today and in the future.… (yag)

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