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After almost three years of not holding Halal Bi Halal, the ITS Library’s big family due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finally Friday (27/6/2022) the ITS library had the opportunity to gather and stay in touch with fellow library staff, both those who are still on duty and those who have already after duty. The purpose of holding Halal bi Halal is to establish and strengthen ties with staff who are retired or who have moved assignments to other units within the ITS environment.

Held in the Seminar Room on the 2nd Floor of the Library Building, the event started at eight o’clock in the morning. Halal bi Halal begins with an opening by MC Marsudiyana, followed by the reading of the holy verses of the Koran by Mr. Aseri, Then a Speech from the Head of the Library, Mr. Eddy Suprayitno. Eddy said that the ties of friendship must still be nurtured with staff who have retired or have moved to other units, with the hope that friendship and brotherhood will remain beautiful between us.

conveyed sharing during fostering and carrying out their duties and responsibilities in the past which was full of twists and turns, starting from the application of discipline by applying rewards and punishments, building digital libraries and repositories, and morning enlightenment to train communication smoothly, but in essence what the three conveyed was “Grateful to be grateful and grateful for what we have got because with gratitude we become happy and smile easily, moreover, according to Surono, happiness does not need to be sought but created. According to Mansur, gratitude means that we are aware that we are meaningless without the grace of Allah, we must forge and educate ourselves to be useful to others. However, according to Achmad, gratitude is to accept a little but consider it a lot, to accept it with gratitude, and make use of it properly. “Positive thoughts will affect our behavior, behavior that is done continuously will become our character,” according to Achmad.

On that occasion there was also Mr. Yoko, the master of English Conversation, who shared his experience when teaching English language courses for library staff first and he hoped that the activity would not be interrupted because English will increase our knowledge in English skills which is a International language. The event ended at 11.00 WIB with previously a group photo session as a memory and closing prayer led by Mr. Muslimin.

There are many lessons that we can learn from the sharing that has been conveyed by ITS library seniors, this simply reminds us of the importance of being grateful to Allah subhana wata’ala so that our lives are blessed in this world and the hereafter. (yag)

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