September 18, 2020 13:09

Librarian Gathering Webinars With The Theme Librarian Mind Mapping Against Information Managemen

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The ITS Library for the umpteenth time in 2020 is holding a 3rd session Librarian Gathering Webinar. This online meeting on Friday (18/9/2020) carries the theme Librarian Mind Mapping Against Information Management and is still conducted online through the Zoomeeting application, because still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event this time presented a speaker, a true librarian who has served for approximately 34 years and will soon be retiring. namely Aroem Andajani. This energetic woman will share many experiences, including being an instructor/teacher everywhere, and writing scientific articles in various media and also writing books, and has often been the winner of outstanding librarian competitions both at local and national levels.

Starting at 9 am, the event was opened by the MC then continued with remarks from Edy Suprayitno as the head of the ITS library, followed by remarks from the Chair of the Librarian Group (Kapokpus), Agus Setiawan. Entering the main event was a material presentation by Aroem Andajani, who explained how a librarian manages himself in doing things based on his mindset by maximizing his right brain and left brain continuously. The conclusion from the theme of the librarian meeting this time is that as librarians we must be ready to be placed anywhere, immediately and quickly, and swiftly in making decisions to take the best actions we can do in doing our daily tasks according to the situations and conditions of each place. respectively to create a sense of security, comfort, and satisfaction for both librarians and visitors, that’s probably what is related to the librarian’s mind mapping.

This event was attended by approximately 30 participants consisting of librarians and library officers in the ITS environment both in the central library and in the department or faculty library which is commonly called the Reading Room. During the event, there were some questions and input and suggestions from the participants, including from Edy Suprayitno, Totok Setiawan, Marsudiyana, and others.

Finally, the event ended at 11.00 WIB by taking a group photo as a memory that the day there was a meeting of ITS librarians who hoped that ITS librarians and libraries would progress and succeed. (yag)


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