March 13, 2020 14:03

Comparative Study Visit (PIP) SEMARANG

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In the context of developing the e-Journal and library fields in the Semarang Polytechnic (PIP) environment, on February 12, 2020, a comparative study was conducted at the ITS Library. These 9 comparative study participants arrived at the library on 11.20 WIB and were welcomed by the Head of ITS Library Edy Suprayitno accompanied by his staff, namely the Head of LPP Subdivision and Senior Supervisor in the Library Service and Digital Development services.

The group was welcomed in the 2nd-floor Bibliotek room which is a court/meeting room owned by the ITS library. The event began with remarks and introductions from each party, then remarks from the Head of PIP Semarang Library, Alfi Maryati who conveyed the purpose of this comparative study, which was to find out various things about E-Journal Management which included: management, uploading manuscript management up to published (publications), e-journal guidelines, editorial policies, team editors and reviewers and authors’ copyrights. Besides that, he also wants to know about Library Management which includes: management, library development, library material processing (automation and repositories), user services, information literacy and HR development.

The Head of the Library said a number of important matters related to ITS library services and their supporting facilities that might be used as input for guests of comparative study participants. “The most important thing for us is to maintain a good image of the library, for example, we open a library that is never more than the specified hour and we also never close earlier than the set hours,” said the father of 2 children.

Then the questions and answers became the next event, many questions were asked by Alfi and other participants, including the classic question that is often a problem of all libraries in this millennial era, namely how to increase library visits with the various challenges faced today? Edy answered that besides his service being improved he also had to make the rooms in this library better in terms of layout and technology, so that the visitors felt comfortable in the library.

After taking a group photo and giving each other souvenirs, to further clarify and deepen the results of the comparative study, then proceed with a library tour to all sections and services. (library … love ITS) (yag)

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