September 30, 2019 15:09

Saxion University students of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands “feel at home” reading the final assignment collection at Ikoma Corner.

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Science, whatever the field of science, is interconnected. No matter they come from social or natural branches, every knowledge must have a point where they intersect. In the field of visual design for example. Designers often need psychological insight,  to create a design that can be accepted by many people. This then becomes one of the factors why various universities in the world feel the need to provide facilities to students who are interested in conducting two studies at once. In its development, this dual degree program also evolved to not only be able to study in two majors at a time, but also two campuses, or two levels (for example S1 & S2) in one time. Along with this development, other identical terms emerged: joint degree, double degree, to dual major.

As did two students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences – the Netherlands, Ir. W.J.Mensonides and Patrick who planned to undergo the plan would take a Joint Degree between Civil Engineering ITS which would be undertaken for one year and at Saxion University of Applied Sciences for two years. Currently, the collaboration process is in the process of MOA and exploratory.

Today, September 24, 2019, the exploratory process to the Department was also used by the two students accompanied by Tina Purwono from representatives of Dutch institutions in Indonesia to observe one of the facilities at ITS, namely the Library. W.J.Mensonides and Patrick went directly to IKOMA Corner, to find information related to the research they wanted to do.

“The collection is very complete, what I want to get is all that I can find. I have read some of the abstracts and it is perfect. “Said W.J.Mensonides before leaving Ikoma Corner. (NRL)

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