April 26, 2019 13:04

Realizing that this country is vulnerable to disasters, the ITS Library holds a disaster evacuation simulation

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Lately, various disasters have stopped in the country. Starting from earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and several other disasters that occur without knowing the season. This happens because Indonesia is part of an archipelago that is geographically located between three large plates (Eurasia, Indoaustralia, and the Pacific), so that this country is vulnerable to natural disasters. In addition, Indonesia is also included in the ring of fire zone so that its high possibility of disasters can occur at any time.

For this reason, ITS conducts disaster response simulations held in each unit. The ITS library also did not escape the activities held in commemoration of the National Disaster Preparedness Day which was set every April 26 by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

The program began at 9:00 a.m., with the initial stage of blackout lights then the sirens sounded that an earthquake had occurred. Library staff and visitors on each floor immediately take shelter under the table to protect themselves from the rubble of the building, and avoid fragile items such as glass cabinets and windows. After the sound of the siren stops,  all the staff and visitors flock to the gathering point through the stairs. The closest gathering point of the Library is in the field on the left side of the Library.

While leading the participants towards the gathering point, at the same time the team of Security, Health, and Occupational Safety and Environment (K3L) tried to extinguish the fire with Fire Extinguisher/APAR (Alat Pemadam Api Ringan). The participants at the gathering point or inside the room must wait until the situation is deemed safe until the simulation activities are declared complete.

Met after the simulation, the Head of ITS Library Edy Suprayitno, SS.M.Hum said that the simulation aims to build a disaster resilient campus culture . From this exercise, an evaluation of the preparedness and alertness of the campus will be carried out in responding to disasters and making efforts to secure assets, especially human assets. (nrl/dav)

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