March 27, 2019 13:03

A warm welcome for Kasetsart University Bangkok Visit at ITS library

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“sàwàddee ká” this greeting comes from one of the students from Bangkok’s Kasetsart University along with 12 of his colleagues who today (25/03) conducts visits to ITS Library. 13 guests was greeted warmly by the staffs and head of ITS Library. Guest which is consists of 12 students of Bangkok’s Kasetsart University is the Chairman and the representative of BEM on their campuses.They were also accompanied by Suratwadee Arunwarakorn as Acting Assistant to the President for Student Affairs and also one officially Kasetsart University staff.The main purpose of their visit to the ITS is to learn about the Organization and units of Student Affairs.

But in addition, they want to maximize its presence on ITS by conducting visits to the library so they ask the International Office to deliver them to the library. In the Bibliotek room, librarians explain about ITS Library services and activities. But they are not satisfied if just by being informed in theory, because of their curiosity of ITS library, they want to see and try ITS Library facilities and services directly. Therefore, they conduct library tour accompanied by ITS  librarians and Library staffs. “We are very grateful to ITS Library, has accepted our visits. If possible please visit our library. We hope in the future, our universities can build on good cooperation with ITS, particularly ITS library.” Suratwadee Arunwarakorn said.(nrl, dav)

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