March 22, 2019 14:03

70 ITS Biology students follow the E-Resources Class and Reference Manager Class

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The needs of the ITS academic community for information resources are increasingly high, both in terms of quantity and quality of the source of the information that is very calculated. This makes the library as one of the information institutions required to be able to fill the information needs of its users. Through the ITS Library service program, the E-Resources Class, the ITS Library seeks to provide education on how to access e-journals both subscribed by ITS and other sources.

In addition to the E-Resources Class, in order to complement the needs of the academic community, especially final year students who are busy preparing their final assignments, the ITS Library also opens the Reference Manager Class (RMC). This class focuses on how to arrange citations with Mendeley. With using Mendeley easier for students to arrange citations when compared to the manual method, therefore this RMC is highly recommended for ITS students to follow.

Like today (21/03), as many as 70 students from the Department of Biology ITS followed the E-Resources and Reference Manager Class as well as one part of the subject matter of the research methodology. Because of the large number of students, the class is divided into two class (class A and class B) so that material delivery is more effective. Mrs. Ir. Sri Nurhatika, MP from Biology lecturer started class A with a speech. Through this speech, Ms. Sri Nurhatika expressed her gratitude to the ITS Library and hopes that in the future it will continue to be able to establish good cooperation and synergize each other to fulfill information needs especially for Biology students.

The first session was started by Reini Ariani to deliver material about E-Resources. In the delivery of the material not only the theory is presented, but also there are practical sessions on the process of searching for information and the question and answer session. The same thing was also done in the Reference Manager Class delivered by Davi Wahyuni. With this method, it is hoped that the E-Resources and Reference Manager Class participants not only understand the material presented but also able to apply them. How about you Have you understood how to access e scientific journals correctly and arrange citations easily? If not, let’s join our E-Resources class and Reference Manager. For more information about this class program, please contact our librarian at WA 085937062001. (nrl/rei)

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