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Why Should You Study During the Holidays?

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Not all holiday seasons are enjoyed by ITS students, some of them are still reluctant to leave their study routines, especially final year students who have to prepare thesis material for the next semester. Even other students who were not from the final level admitted that there were still many reports and tasks that had to be done so that they were still loyal to go out into the library even in the holiday season.

“In fact, I like the condition of the library like this, it’s very lonely, learning can be more focused and the collections available are very complete,” said Ikra Muhammad, one of the students from Civil Engineering.

Well, for those of you who are not burdened with the task and preparation of a thesis, you still have to be very clever to take advantage of your vacation. Do not arrive at the time of college, you will reincarnate new students who do not know “the direction of the wind”. During high school, usually, the odd semester is even given only 2-3 weeks off, while the lecture time is 1-1.5 months. Lots of entertainment imaginable will be done when the holidays start, such as playing games as much as you want, reading novels, watching movies, going out somewhere, or sleeping all day at home. But some people may be tired of doing it in the first 2-3 weeks. Reporting from, there are a number of things you can do during semester breaks. Besides being fun, surely the activities below can still make you do something useful:

  • Looking for scholarships, Entering the new semester, usually many companies will open opportunities to provide scholarships to students with certain criteria. The task is to find as much information as possible and fulfill all the requirements proposed
  • Preparing Items that You Need to Have for College, First of all, you need to make a list of the items in advance for college preparation. Not only items related to learning activities, but also the necessities of life if you are a boarding house, such as cleaning care items, and others. If it has been prepared for a long time, it will definitely be more organized.
  • Find out which books are needed for the next semester, this method can ask the seniors who have already passed the courses you will face in the next semester. By finding out the type of book needed, you can estimate the budget needed to buy the books; especially if the book you need is a textbook that is usually relatively expensive. But buying books is not the only solution because there is a library that is ready for you to use.
  • Manage the Social Media You Play, The higher your semester level, then you should be more professional because you will get closer to the real world of work. Therefore there is nothing wrong if you have started to organize the social media that you are playing, for example, removing the past content that is not good, and starting actively to pay attention to LinkedIn accounts to expand the network.
  • Do Old Hobbies or Learn New Skills, old hobbies during school times that are rarely done because of the density of college activities? This holiday is time to do the hobby, you can also find new skills that may not yet be realized, such as improving design skills by learning Photoshop, or learning more about Microsoft Office. When you have graduated from college the skills will be very useful.
  • Doing Activities That Can Enrich Your CV, Holiday periods like this can be used to do things that can make your CV more interesting with experiences. For example by doing an internship, volunteering, or even taking special training. Moreover, if you are a final year student who will soon face the real world of work, this will be very helpful.
  • Joining Various Competition Events, Lately many competitions have been held for students. Many students can cum laude, but what really sets us apart from other students is our active participation in various competitions. There are various competitions that students can participate in, and there are for almost every field. Starting from the Olympics, writing, sports, arts, and others. Therefore, while there is an opportunity, follow these events. Especially if you can be prepared to start your vacation, why not try it?.
  • Join Seminars or Training, If there are seminars or training held during holidays and interesting coincidences, why not follow them? this seminar can add SKP which is now a demand to become a student. Besides that, taking seminars outside of your campus can certainly add to your perception and open your horizons. (*/Nrl)

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