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Librarian Meeting: introduction and socialization of the application of Cluster Web to the procurement of library materials

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According to Andy Alayyubi. (2001) “Librarians, Scientists, and Interactive Dialogue of Metro TV” in his article entitled “Towards an Ideal Library, Based on Laws and Regulations” revealed that the ideal library is a library that is the center of user activities. This means that the library has become addictive for users to always do any activity in the library. Therefore the Library is required to always keep abreast of information and technology related to user needs, users in this case for College Library namely students and lecturers.

Based on the description above, the ITS librarian held a librarian meeting that was routinely held 4 times a year. Today (11/12), is the last meeting in 2018. In addition to librarians from the central library, the event was also attended by librarians from the reading room. Also attended by one lecturer from Informatics Engineering (FTIK) namely Dini Adni Navastara, S.Kom, M.Sc. which will explain the main material about “Clustering of Research Topics Trends for Procurement Recommendations for Library Materials in ITS Library”. This material is the result of research carried out by lecturers in collaboration with librarians.

The event, which was held at the 2nd Floor Bibliotek Room – the ITS Library began at 09.00 a.m. Before entering the main material, Head of the ITS Library, Mr. Edy Suprayitno, S.S., M. Hum. giving an opening to start the event. Then continued the presentation from Ms. Dini about the web cluster. The agenda ended with a question and answer session and discussion about the topic.

After the closing of the main agenda, on this occasion, the Head of the Library added an interesting and useful topic of discussion, which was in the interest of prospective librarians. So the librarian meeting this time was very effective because it not only discussed the performance of a librarian but also emphasized the status of prospective librarians to become a real librarian. (nrl)

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