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The Department of Business Management student admission selection program is managed in an integrated manner by the Directorate of Education. For more information, please visit this page.

New student admission selection program for undergraduate programs at ITS, referring to the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Regulation (Permenristekdikti) Number 2 Year 2015, regarding the Acceptance of New Student Undergraduate Programs at State Universities, as amended by the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Regulation Number 45 of 2015. The selection program is carried out through 3 selection channels, namely:

  1. Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN)
  2. Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SBMPTN)
  3. Seleksi Prestasi
  4. Seleksi Mandiri : Program Kemitraan dan Mandiri (PKM)

The Department of Business Management, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) represents one of the most favorite and high-prospect business departments in Indonesia. The department offers Bachelor in Business Management, which aims to equip students with the skills and self-confidence to effectively manage a wide range of business environments. Department of Business Management offers the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) for both Indonesian and foreign nationals. The IUP in Business Management implements the curriculum of Bachelor Program in Business Management with English as the language of instruction.

For more information: ITS International Undergraduate Program

For information about the requirement and how to apply to ITS, please click here.