Student’s Life


There are many organizations sheltered by the Department of Business Management as a means of self-actualization for each of the Business Management Student


In addition to the organization, students interested in research can join the laboratory. In the laboratory, students not only organize, but also conduct interesting studies.


Department of Business Management also facilitates students' interests and talents in various fields. This is intended to encourage students enjoy things outside of academic duty and growing their talents.

Student Project

Ever wondered what you would really “do” in our campus, what undertaking a business project would entail, or what the end product of a collaborative group project might be? Check out our student project

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Campus Life

Students of Business Management (MB) are heavily involved in student activity units within department environment such as the Business Management Student Association, MB-Media, KSM, and Improve



Students of Business Management have many national and international achievements in the form of competition and research achievements