Chancellor Regulation of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Number 10 of 2016 states that the department has the task of managing and organizing higher education tridharma activities as well as quality assurance in several levels of education in a cluster of scientific and technological disciplines for types of academic education, academic and professional education, or vocational education . In carrying out its duties, the department organizes the following functions:

  1. Planning and management of higher education tridharma and cooperation in part and / or one branch of science and technology;
  2. Coordinating and integrating study program activities related to the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education;
  3. Implementation of a higher education management system, quality assurance and control program and achievement of departmental performance in accordance with the strategic plan;
  4. Management and empowerment of laboratories, studios and / or workshops; and
  5. Management of student activities.

Laboratory / Studio / Workshop is led by a Head of Laboratory / Studio / Workshop who is responsible for carrying out his duties to the Head of Department.

Administration department subdivision has the task of carrying out administrative affairs within the department in the field of organizing and managing higher education and assisting the duties of the Head of the Faculty Administration Section in:

  1. Guarantee and quality control of the implementation of the university’s thridharma;
  2. Management, development and implementation of Tridharma College cooperation; and
  3. Management and development of resources which include finance, personnel, general, and facilities and infrastructure.

The department of business administration is led by a subdivision head who in carrying out his duties coordinates with the Head of the Department and is responsible to the Head of the Faculty Administration Section. The Interior Design Department has a general subdivision head. The general subdivision head has the main task as the manager of routine administrative and operational processes in the work unit. The public subdivision is assisted by several education personnel to carry out their functions. This position also has an important role in supporting the guarantee process and quality control in the implementation of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. The Head of Subdivision assists the management of the work unit in managing resources which includes employees, infrastructure, and finance.

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