Research Areas

The research carried out in the ITS Interior Design Study Program is using the LBE (Lab Based Education) pattern. With this pattern the research carried out will involve students and lecturers intensively until the research has been carried out successfully. LBE in the ITS Interior Design Study Program is carried out with the pattern of students involved in research conducted at the Laboratory owned by the ITS Interior Design Study Program.

Students will become one of the pillars of success in research. This research will ultimately have an effect on both the studies carried out, especially the final project he took. The pattern of cooperation

Carried out by students at LBE through his research will also train the noble attitude of the student’s personality. Research on the laboratory roadmap will also train students to develop noble values ​​like respecting the work of others. The results of work at a research stage will be continued or used at the next stage carried out by other students. A noble attitude of mutual respect and help is realized with the research pattern developed here.

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