Educational Support Laboratory

Until now the Department of Interior Design Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember has provided adequate educational facilities related to teaching, facilities in the building, and the relationships offered. The number of teachers provided is 14 people and in studying, students can use 3 laboratories according to the subject area.

There are three laboratories and research focus in the interior design department, the Interior Behavioral and Laboratory, the Interior Science Laboratory, and the Aesthetic and Cultural Laboratory.

Laboratory of Behavior and Environment
This laboratory develops and examines the relationship between humans (as interior inhabitants) and the interior design in which it is located. The research focuses on reciprocal relationships and human adaptation to the interior environment. Analysis in interior spatial behavior is the main foundation for research in this laboratory.

Laboratory of Aesthetics and Culture
This laboratory develops and examines the development of aesthetics, cultural transformation, and interior design methods. The abundant cultural wealth in the archipelago makes extensive research activities in this laboratory. The richness of the archipelago culture will enrich the aesthetic values ​​and interior design concepts as well as be a solution to any existing design challenges.

Laboratory of Interior Science
This laboratory develops and examines the technological and scientific developments of the building and its interior environment. The development of the research focuses on three important pillars of interior science, namely lighting, sound and thermal inside the interior. The combination of requirements and standards with technological developments in these three fields is a major concern in research in the laboratory.

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