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Lecturers Member by the Area of Expertise

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Software Engineering

This area of interest offers areas of expertise that emphasize the ability of graduates to do software testing, the ability to manage software projects, the ability to reduce the risk of software errors, and the ability to make game software. RPL's areas of expertise include Software Quality Assurance, Software Architecture, Software Evolution, Software Construction, Software Process Improvement, Software Engineering Economics, RPL Special Topics.


Ir. Siti Rochimah, MT.,Ph.D.

Ketua RMK
Email: siti[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, ST


Daniel Oranova Siahaan S.Kom.,M.Sc.PD.Eng

Email: daniel[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, DO


Sarwosri, S.Kom. , MT

Email: sri[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, SR


Umi Laili Yuhana S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: yuhana[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, UY

List of Software Engineering Laboratory Research


Rizky Januar Akbar, S.Kom., M.Eng.

Email: rizky[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RJ

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Network-Based Computing

In this area of interest, the field of expertise is emphasized on the ability of graduates to build secure network infrastructure, the ability to build grid systems, the ability to build network applications according to standards and the ability to build network-based multimedia applications. KBJ's areas of expertise include: Mobile Computing, Distributed Systems, Multimedia Networks, Grid and Parallel Computing, Data Compression, Special Topics Network-based Computing, Cloud Computing, Digital Forensics, Pervasive Computing, and Sensor Networks


Tohari Ahmad, S.Kom,MIT, Ph.D

Ketua RMK
Email: tohari[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, TA


Waskitho Wibisono, S.Kom., M.Eng., Ph.D

Email: waswib[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, WW


Hudan Studiawan, S.Kom., M.Kom

Email: hudan[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, HS


Baskoro Adi P., S.Kom.,M.Kom.

Email: baskoro[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, BS

List of Network-Based Computing Laboratory Research


Ary Mazharuddin Shiddiqi, S.Kom., M.Comp.Sc., Ph.D

Email: ary.shiddiqi[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AM

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Intelligent Vision Computing

In this area of interest, it offers areas of expertise that emphasize the ability of graduates to manipulate and analyze image data in various fields of application (a.l. biomedics, industry), the ability to apply intelligent systems methods in various fields of application and the ability to model and optimize real systems. KCV areas of expertise include: Digital Image Processing, Multivariate Data Analysis, Data Mining, Biomedical Computing, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval Systems, Robotics, Social Media Analysis and Special Topics of KCV


Dr.Eng. Nanik Suciati, S.Kom,M.Kom

Ketua RMK
Email: nanik[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, NS


Dr. Chastine Fatichah, S.Kom.,M.Kom.

Email: chastine[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, CF


Prof.Ir. Handayani Tjandrasa, M.Sc Ph.D

Email: handayani[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, HT


Dr. Agus Zainal Arifin, S.Kom, M.Kom.

Email: agusza[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AZ

List of Intelligent Vision Computing Laboratory Research


Diana Purwitasari, S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: diana[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, DP


Dini Adni Navastara, S.Kom, M.Sc.

Email: dini_navastara[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, DA


Misbakhul Munir Irfan Subakti, S.Kom,M.Sc.

Email: irfan[at]if.its.ac.id

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Architecture and Computer Networking

This area of interest offers an area of expertise that emphasizes the ability of graduates to build a variety of network architectures according to the latest technology standards and implementing network security. AJK's areas of expertise include Wireless Networks, Inter-Network Technology, System and Network Security Design, Special Topics in Architecture and Computer Networks.


Ir. Muchammad Husni, M.Kom.

Ketua RMK
Email: husni[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, MH


Henning Titi Ciptaningtyas, S.Kom, M.Kom.

Email: henning[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, HC


Prof.Ir. Supeno Djanali, M.Sc Ph.D.

Email: supeno[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, SD


Royyana Muslim Ijtihadie, S.Kom.,M.Kom., Ph.D

Email: roy[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RM

List of Architecture and Computer Networking Laboratory Research


Dr. Radityo Anggoro , S.Kom, M.Sc

Email: onggo[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RA


Wahyu Suadi, S.Kom, M.Kom.

Email: wsuadi[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, WS

Lecturer with the area of expertise
The Interaction of Graphics and Art

In this area of interest, it offers an area of expertise that emphasizes the ability of graduates to design, develop and document the process of making games according to standards. As well as making 3-dimensional models and programming in virtual reality and 3-dimensional virtual reality applications using the game engine. IGS expertise areas include Game Development Techniques, Game Systems, Computer Animation, and 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality and Augmentation and IGS Special Topics.


Imam Kuswardayan, S.Kom., MT.

Ketua RMK
Email: imam[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, IM


Dr. Eng Darlis Herumurti, S.Kom, M.Kom

Email: darlis[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, DH


Wijayanti Nurul Khotimah, S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: wijayanti[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, WN


Anny Yuniarti, S.Kom., M.Comp.Sc.

Email: anny[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AY

List of The Interaction of Graphics and Art laboratory Research


Ridho Rahman Hariadi, S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: ridho[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RR


Hadziq Fabroyir, S.Kom., Ph.D.

Email: hadziq[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, HF

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Programming Algorithm

In this area of interest, the area of expertise is emphasized on the ability of graduates to develop systems/applications based on frameworks and develop systems/applications on mobile devices. AP subject areas of expertise include Framework Based Programming, Mobile Device Programming, Special Topics for Algorithms and Programming.


Ir. F.X. Arunanto, M.Sc.

Ketua RMK
Email: anto[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AR


Dr.tech.Ir. Raden Venantius Hari Ginardi, M.Sc.

Email: hari[at]its.ac.id
initial, HG


Fajar Baskoro, S.Kom.MT.

Email: fajar[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, FB


Dwi Sunaryono, S.Kom.,M.Kom.

Email: dwi[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, DS

List of Programming Algorithm Laboratory Research


Rully Sulaiman, S.Kom,M.Kom.

Email: rully[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RL

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Information Management

In this area of interest, it offers areas of expertise that emphasize the ability of graduates to analyze, synthesize and evaluate business processes and information systems in Enterprise systems, implement knowledge engineering into an application, conduct investigations, tests, evaluate the maturity and appropriateness of standard procedures and governance information technology, managing projects and human resources and designing and implementing distributed database solutions and Big Data technology. MI subject areas of expertise include Enterprise Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Systems Audit, Information Technology Governance, Distributed Databases, Big Data, Special Topics for Information Management.


Prof. Drs. Ec. Ir. Riyanarto Sarno, M.Sc Ph.D.

Ketua RMK
Email: riyanarto[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RS


Adhatus Solichah Ahmadiyah, S.Kom, M.Sc.

Email: adhatus[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AL


Ratih Nur Esti Anggraini, S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: ratih_nea[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, RN


Nurul Fajrin Ariyani, S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: nurulfajrin[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, NF

List of Information Management Laboratory Research


Abdul Munif, S.Kom., M.Sc.

Email: munif[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, MN

Lecturer with the area of expertise
Basic Applied Computing

This area of interest offers an area of expertise that emphasizes the ability to develop models and perform system optimization. Elective courses offered include Linear Programming and Simulation Special Topics Basic & Applied Computing.


Victor Hariadi, S.Si., M.Kom.

Ketua RMK
Email: victor[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, VH


Prof.Dr.Ir. Joko Lianto Buliali

Email: joko[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, JL


Yudhi Purwananto, S.Kom., M.Kom.

Email: yudhi[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, YP


Ahmad Saikhu, S.SI., MT.

Email: saikhu[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AS

List of Basic Applied Computing Laboratory Research


Bilqis Amaliah, S.Kom.,M.Kom.

Email: bilqis[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, BA


Arya Yudhi Wijaya, S.Kom, M.Kom.

Email: arya[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, AW


Ir. Suhadi Lili

Email: suhadi.lili[at]if.its.ac.id
initial, SL