Master Degree

Master Degree

Informatics Engineering Master Program, Department of Informatics, FEIC-ITS, was established under Decree No. 2851 / D / T / 2001, accredited by BAN-PT with Decree Last 3011 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / M / VIII / 2017 with a ranking accreditation A. Until now there have been graduated as many as 668 alumni, scattered at home and abroad.

Postgraduate Department of Informatics – ITS, supported by 17 teaching staff (Doctoral) with 5 Professors. There are 8 Subject Groups. Postgraduate Department of Informatics – ITS Graduates are spread out at home and abroad with professions as college lecturers, researchers, industry practitioners, IT developers, government employees, and others.

Collaborations include Dual Degree Program (2 diplomas) and Student Exchange with universities in France, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand and Belgium. The Postgraduate Program Students of the Department of Informatics – ITS consist of domestic and foreign students both for Master Programs.

Informatics Engineering Master Program is held in 4 semesters (2 years), with a total credit load of 36 credits, consisting of 18 credits of compulsory course material (including thesis) and 18 credits of elective course material in accordance with the curriculum. The academic calendar for the first semester starts in early September, while the second semester starts in early February and ends in June. Registration is done in odd semester


Computational Intelligence (3 sks)
Network Based Computing (3 sks)
Software Engineering (3 sks)
Elective Courses (3 sks)
Research Methodology (3 sks)
Elective Courses (9 sks)
Thesis - Proposal (3 sks)
Thesis - Scientific Publication (3 sks)
Thesis - Final Session (6 sks)

Elective Course

Topics in Data Mining
Topics in Information Retrieval System
Topics in Modeling and Simulation
Topics in Human and Computer Interaction
Topics in Programming Language
Topics in Multimedia Network
Topics in Distributed System
Topics in Network Design and Auditing
Topics in Software Evolution
Topics in System Audit
Topics in Digital Image Processing
Topics in Computer Vision
Topics in Time Series Data Analysis
Topics in Game Development, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality
Topics in Computer Graphics
Topics in Design of Algorithms
Topics in Digital Forensics
Topics in Network Security
Topics in Mobile Computing
Topics in Cloud Computing
Topics in Wireless Network
Topics in Cyber Security
Topics in Software Project Management
Topics in Requirements Engineering
Topics in Software Quality Assurance
Topics in Knowledge-Based Systems Engineering
Topics in Geospatial Data Analysis

Registration Schedule


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