Study Program

Informatics Education Based on Research and International Reputation

Informatics is a discipline of science that involves information processing practices and system engineering. This scientific discipline is an application of information science that considers the interaction between humans and information on interface construction, technology, and systems. Along with the advancement of computer technology, the quantity and quality of digital information processing by individuals and organizations is increasing. This requires learning and research in the Informatics disciplines in terms of computing, mathematics, biology, cognitive, and social aspects, including studies of the social impact of information technology.

In the Department of informatics engineering, in addition to improving knowledge about Informatics, students also learn to be creative and innovative, have leadership qualities, are integrated, and can work well in a team. The Department of informatics engineering has a mission to provide excellent quality education in terms of informatics engineering, developing and implementing Informatics that can be beneficial for society and the state, as well as providing satisfaction and prosperity to Informatics society.