Student Asociation

Student Association in Industrial Design Department ITS is called the Himpunan Mahasiswa IDE or commonly abbreviated as HIMA IDE.

Himpunan Mahasiswa IDE is the place or the center of the aspirations for Industrial Product Design Visual Communication Design students. The foundation and rules in this HIMA IDE is Anggaran Dasar/Anggaran Rumah Tangga HIMA IDE ITS Industrial Design or can be called the AD/ART HIMA IDE-ITS.

Organizational Structure of HIMA IDE PRAKARSA


Harmonization of the HIMA IDE ITS family that is smart and appreciative


  • Improve the quality of internal communication and professionalism to maintain the quality of HIMA IDE ITS performance
  • Aligning the effectiveness of each element and agenda within the scope of HIMA IDE ITS
  • Reorganize the association’s work system to adapt to conditions
  • Supporting the needs of HIMA IDE ITS members with external exposure
  • Prepare long-term plans for external professional improvement in order to achieve a positive impression of HIMA IDE ITS and Industrial Design Professionalism