In the Industrial Design Department, lecturers or instructors provide opportunities for students to form a community to increase their enthusiasm for creativity and socialization. The following are active communities in Despro ITS


Lasting is a community of students who are active and creative in the field of shoes/footwear, studying the inner parts of footwear, their characteristics, and even coming up with ideas to create new footwear designs.


Jalan Cat is a community of students who are interested in the world of fashion and like to design clothes and other accessories, from ideation to finished form that can be worn directly.


Craft is a community that engages in activities that involve skills in making things with hand (crafting).


Motosykleta is a motorbike costume community, which accommodates students to learn and realize how to design a custom motorbike from sketch to finishing and can be ridden on the road.


Nyeketsek is a community that accommodates students’ interests in transportation design and its processes from sketching to clay modeling.
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