Advisory Board

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Give consideration and input related to vision, mission, goals, work programs and strategy development of the ITS Biology Department.

2. Facilitator to partner units (stakeholders) to develop student competencies / support learning in the ITS Biology Department.

3. Assist the ITS Biology Department to obtain physical and non-physical resources in achieving the objectives of implementing and improving the tri-dharma quality standards (education, research and community service).

4. Facilitating the development of entrepreneurship and student activities in the ITS Biology Department.

List of Member

Name Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana, M.Sc.ES., Ph.D.
Affiliation Professor of Environmental Engineering Departement, ITS
Position Chairman
Name Kunjung Wahyudi, MCS, MIP
Affiliation Chairman of Komnas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Timur
Position Vice Chairman
Name Prof. Dr. Enny Zulaika, MP
Affiliation Profesor of Biology Department, ITS
Position Secretary
Name Prof. Dr. Budi S. Daryono, M. Agr.Sc
Affiliation Dean of Biology Faculty,UGM & Chairman of KOBI
Position Member
Name Prof. Dr. Ir. Dwi Listyo Rahayu
Affiliation Researcher of BRIN
Position Member
Name Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sehanat Prasongsuk
Affiliation Chulalongkorn University
Position Member
Name Dr. H.M. Sulthon Amien
Affiliation President Director of Parahita Diagnostic Center
Position Member
Name Adi Suprayitno, S.Sos., M.PSDM
Affiliation Admin and Relation Manager, PT. Cargill Indonesia-Cocoa and Chocolate
Position Member
Name Ardian Prasetya, S.Si., M.Sc
Affiliation Account Manager, PT. Nalco Water Indonesia
Position Member
Name Edo Danilyan, S.Si
Affiliation Student Representative Biology ITS
Position Member