Online Administration

Department of Biology provides an online service to the students. Please find any documents and forms you need below.


Pandemic-related document

  1. The permission to access laboratory (here)
  2. The final project procedure during pandemic (here)
  3. Statement letter for offline course or lab work (here)
  4. Statement letter for offline course or lab work submission (here)

On Job Training or Internship

  1. Procedure / flowchart (here)
  2. Guideline for internship proposal/report  (here)

Seminar and Final Project

  1. English version (here)
  2. Versi Bahasa Indonesia (here)


  1. Forms (here)
  2. Submission (here)

Master Thesis

  1. Procedure/flowchart (here)
  2. Guideline (here)


  1. Appeal procedure (English version and versi Bahasa Indonesia)
  2. Room and equipment borrowing form (here)
  3. Guidelines for Online Student Services (here)
  4. Request for Additional Examination Arrangements Specific Learning Disabilities (here)