Field of Research

Field of Research


To ensure the need of high-quality researches and teachings, Biology Department of ITS provide 4 laboratories as follows:

  • Laboratory of Ecology
  • Laboratory of Plant Bioscience and Technology
  • Laboratory of Zoology and Animal Engineering
  • Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology


Those laboratories are spearhead in realizing the vision of the Department to become an excellent institution in the field of marine and environmental bioscience and biotechnology.

The laboratories serve and facilitate the efficient and sustainable implementation of Tri Dharma (Three Pillars) of higher education to creating internationally recognized graduates in biology based on biotechnology and bioscience that focused in the field of marine and environment for developing innovative and creative biological science and applications.

The laboratories are equipped with modern instruments to make all biological researches from each area of interest are possible to be conducted in a high standard. We have PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) unit, electrophoresis, spectrophotometer and inverted compound microscope to study cellular and molecular biology. For those who prefer to work in the field, equipment for sampling in terrestrial and aquatic environment are well prepared, including Scuba diving set. Bacteria and fungi culture room prepared for students to study microbiology; while research on plant growth and ecophysiology can take place in the greenhouse.

Research Topics

  1. Biosciences and Plant Technology: specializes in studying plant science and biotechnology. Considering the Biology orientation of ITS towards maritime or maritime affairs, the roadmap of scientific biosynthesis and plant technology groups is developing ecophysiology and plant structure research, especially plants in coastal and marine areas, secondary plant metabolites, inventory, systematic and plant mapping in coastal areas of East Java , and plant cultivation in vitro.
  2. Zoology and Animal Engineering: develops research into exploration of marine and coastal resources as bioactive sources for pharmaceuticals, exploration and inventory of marine natural resources, parasitology in fisheries, ecophysiology and animal behavior, reproduction, and immunobiology in fisheries.
  3. Microbiology and Biotechnology: develop research on the exploration of the diversity of microorganisms in marine waters, coastal areas and terrestrial areas, and the role of microorganisms in their habitat. Exploration is to increase the potential of microorganisms to produce a product that is beneficial to humans. Currently, research on the development of mercury bioremediation by bacteria from fresh and marine water, the production of hydrogen gas as a potential substitute for fuel oil from anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, and biofertilizers from the consortium of fungi and bacteria. Research has also been developed to the molecular level. In addition, this field develops mushroom cultivation which has the potential to improve the people’s economy.
  4. Ecology: develops research into the exploration and management of terrestrial, coastal and marine biological resources and their potential in biological analysis related to environmental change. In addition, the field of ecological interest in Biology ITS also develops research related to habitat rehabilitation planning or models in an effort to conserve biological resources and their ecosystems.
  • Dr.rer.nat. Arif Luqman, S.Si, M.T – Lab. Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Dr.rer.nat, Edwin Setiawan, S.Si, M.Sc. – Lab. Zoology and Animal Engineering
  • Dr. Tutik Nurhidayati, S.Si., M.Si – Lab. Biosciences and Plant Technology
  • Indah Trisnawati, S.Si., M.Si, Ph.D – Lab. Ecology
  • Dr.rer.nat, Ir, Maya Shovitri, M.Si
  • Dr. Enny Zulaika, Dra. MP
  • Dr. techn. Endry Nugroho Prasetyo, S.Si., MT
  • Nengah Dwianita Kuswytasari, S.Si, M.Si
  • Nurlita Abdulgani, Dra., M.Si
  • Dr. Dewi Hidayati, S.Si., M.Si
  • Dr. Awik Puji Dyah Nurhayati, S.Si., M.Si
  • Noor Nailis, S.Si., MSi
  • Nova Maulidina Ashuri, S.Si., MSi
  • Dr. Nurul Jadid, S.Si., M.Sc
  • Ir.Sri Nurhatika,  MP
  • Tutik Nurhidayati, S.Si., M.Si
  • Kristanti Indah PurwaniS.Si., M. Si
  • Dini Ermavitalini, S.Si, M. Si
  • Triono Bagus Saputro, S.Si., M.Biotech.
  • Dian Saptarini, Dra., M.Sc
  • Aunurohim, S.Si, DEA
  • Mukhammad Muryono, S.Si, M.Si., Ph.D
  • Farid Kamal, S.Si., M.Si
  • Iska Desmawati, S.S.i, M.Si

The activities are focused on research by lecturer, students and/or stakeholders which grouped into the following research groups:

  • Diversity of Microbes and Degrading Microbes
  • Biomaterial and Enzyme Technology
  • Crop Improvement
  • Animal Bioconservation and Aquaculture
  • Animal Biomedic and Biomolecular
  • Aquatic Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Habitat Adaptation and Mitigation for the Climate Change
  • Ecological Pollution