Academic regulation and Information

Academic regulation and Information

Regulation and Information

The Department of Biology provides various information needed by students and prospective students. Explore various information here.

Academic regulations are arranged as a guide for students while studying at ITS. Academic regulations contain educational programs, new student admissions, matriculation, curriculum, learning evaluation, academic activities, non-academic activities, academic collaboration, foreign students and general regulations at ITS. Explore more details here.

Every student in Biology Department of ITS are obliged to carry out an internship for about one or two months in other institution or company after the third year of study. Explore more details here.

Every student of ITS are obliged to carry out a final project or final assignment as a mandatory requirement to graduate from the college. Find the detail regulation and manual here.

To graduate from the ITS, each student has to pass the judicium. Find the detail regulation and manual here for Bachelor Degree (S1) and here for Master Degree (S2).

Arrange your study plan during your Bachelor and Master degree at ITS. This guide contains details on taking courses, graduation requirements and detailed assessment for cumulative grade point average (GPA). Download the S1 (Bachelor Program) lecture guide  here and for S2 (Master Program) lecture Guide here. 

Access the Advisory Board Team Certificate 2022 – 2024 for Biology Department here