Biosciences and Animal Technology Laboratory

Biosciences and Animal Technology Laboratory

Focused on study of animal biology including structure and development, taxonomy and diversity, physiology, behavior, histopathology, carcinology and endocrinology; both for vertebrates and invertebrates.

Competencies: development of researches to explore marine and coastal natural resources as sources of bioactive compound for pharmacy; exploration of marine natural resources; parasitology, reproductive biology and immunobiology in the field of fisheries; ecophysiology and animal behavior.


  1. Dr.  Awik Puji Dyah Nurhayati, S.Si., M.Si
  2. Dr. Dewi Hidayati, S.Si., M.Si
  3. Noor Nailis Sa’adah, S.Si, M.Biotech.
  4. Nova Maulidina Ashuri, S.Si., M.Si


Affendi Adi Hermawan, A.Md

  1. Regular practicum to support teaching processes: Animal Systematics, Animal Structure, Animal Development, Animal Physiology, Fish Pest and Disease, Ichthyology, Animal Micro-technique, Aquaculture, Marine Bioresources, Biology of Invertebrate, Animal Histology and others
  2. Supporting lecturer’s researches based on the roadmap
  3. Collaborative researches with the stakeholders
  4. Active participation in community services