Ecology Laboratory

Ecology Laboratory

Aims and goals of Ecology Laboratory:

Become an center of excellent laboratory-based education

Active participation in planning habitat rehabilitation as an action for conservation of natural resources and ecosystem

Able to develop and utilize bio-ecological knowledge relevant to national and regional development goals through the implementation of academic and non-academic activities

Able to increase productivity and output quality, especially those related to development needs and the business world

Enhance collaboration and cooperation with ITS internal parties as well as external parties such as private and state-owned enterprises, educational and research institutions and government agencies

Focused on biodiversity and conservation, environmental health, rehabilitation of degraded ecosystem and biological resources management both in natural and artificial ecosystem.

Competencies: development of researches on exploration and management of terrestrial and marine natural resources; impact of global warming and anthropogenic activities to components of ecosystem; biology and ecology of planktonic, nektonic and benthic organism as well as coral reef, mangrove and seagrass.

Indah Trisnawati, Ph.D


  1. Aunurohim, DEA
  2. Mukhamad Muryono, Ph.D
  3. Dian Saptarini, M.Sc
  4. Farid K. Muzaki, M.Si
  5. Iska Desmawati, M.Si


Maskuri Albab, A.Md

  1. Regular practicum to support teaching processes: Oceanography, Marine Biology, Limnology, Plant and Animal Ecology, Coral Biology, Biomonitoring, Scientific Diving,
  2. Supporting lecturer’s researches based on the roadmap
  3. Collaborative researches with the stakeholders
  4. Active participation in community services
  5. Training on method of bio-ecological sampling