Biosciences and Plant Technology Laboratory

Biosciences and Plant Technology Laboratory

Specialized for the study of terrestrial and coastal plant bioscience and technology from molecular to organismal and ecological scopes.

Competencies: development of researches in the field of plant structure and ecophysiology; plant secondary metabolites; exploration and mapping of coastal plants; tissue culture and in vitro plant culture

Exploration of marine and coastal natural resources
Exploration of coastal plant
Coastal ethnobotany
Exploration on micro and macroalgae
Marine and coastal ecophysiology
Environmental variables (stress, climate change, pollution, etc) for viability of marine and coastal natural resources

Secondary Metabolites Analysis
Culture of Algae and Coastal Plant

Wirdhatul Muslihatin, M.Si 


Ir. Sri Nurhatika, MP
Tutik Nurhidayati, S.Si., M.Si
Kristanti Indah Purwani, S.Si., M.Si
Dr. Nurul Jadid, M.Sc
Dini Ermavitalini, S.Si., M.Si.
Triono Bagus Saputro, S.Si., M.Biotech


Christin Risbandini, S.Si

  1. Regular practicum to support teaching processes: Plant Systematics, Plant Structure, Plant Development, Plant Physiology, Plant Stress Physiology, Algology, Plant Micro-technique, Plant Tissue Culture, Biology of Mangrove, Plant Biopesticide, Plant Management and others
  2. Supporting lecturer’s researches based on the roadmap
  3. Collaborative researches with the stakeholders
  4. Active participation in community services