Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory

Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory

Focused on exploration and exploitation of pure cultures of microorganism including their characters and benefits.

Competencies: development of researches on diversity of aerobic and anaerobic marine microorganism; terrestrial and marine bioremedial agents; study of biofouling microorganism; as well as molecular study for microorganism characterization.

At the moment, there are five main research topics in Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory;

  1. Diversity of marine aerobic and anaerobic microorganism
  2. Terrestrial and marine degrading bacteria
  3. Microorganism as agent of bioremediation
  4. Biofouling microorganism
  5. Molecular study for microorganism characterization


  1. Dr. Enny Zulaika, MP.
  2. Dr. rer. nat. Ir.Maya Shovitri, M.Si.
  3. Dr.techn. Endry Nugroho Prasetyo, S.Si., MT.
  4. N.D. Kuswytasari, M.Si
  5. Dr.rer.nat. Arif Luqman


Maya Erlinda, A. Md

  1. Regular practicum to support teaching processes: Microbiology, Mycology, Industrial Microbiology, Technique of Microbial Analysis, Bacteriology and others
  2. Supporting lecturer’s researches based on the roadmap
  3. Collaborative researches with the stakeholders
  4. Active participation in community services