Seleksi Prestasi


Independent Selection Based on Achievements (Seleksi Prestasi/SP) is an entrance selection held by ITS independently for high school students with outstanding performances in academics and non-academics who has interest in studying at ITS in the undergraduate (bachelor) program. This selection requires transcripts scores supported with achievement they accomplished during high school. This selection opens opportunities to graduates of high school in last three years (graduating in 2020, 2021, or 2022) to apply with a view to attracting qualified prospective students and gives other chance as an alternative selection besides national selection based on achievements.

Independent Selection Based on Achievements 2022

Major and Capacity

New Students Admission of ITS in 2022 opens to all undergraduate study programs which are grouped into 6 faculties, except international undergraduate program which is held separately. Participants of this selection can choose directly the desired study program or major, with maximum of 2 choices in application.

The following is a list of study programs or majors offered for Independent Selection (SKMP, including three lines: based on the achievement and based on the test -public and partnership lines) with their capacities for academic year 2022-2023.

Faculty Major Admission Capacity of SKMP 2022
Faculty of Science and Data Analytics Physics 60
Mathematics 60
Statistics 100
Chemistry 60
Biology 36
Actuarial Science 60
Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering 130
Mechanical Engineering (Joint Degree) 40
Chemical Engineering 110
Physical Engineering 100
Industrial Engineering 100
Material Engineering 100
Food Engineering 20
Faculty of Civil Planning and Geo Engineering Civil Engineering 100
Architecture 75
Environmental Engineering 80
Urban and Regional Planning 95
Geomatics Engineering 75
Geophysical Engineering 50
Faculty of Marine Engineering Naval Architecture 60
Naval Architecture (Joint Degree) 40
Marine Engineering 70
Marine Engineering (Joint Degree) 30
Ocean Engineering 60
Marine Transportation Engineering 25
Offshore Engineering 20
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Electrical Engineering 140
Biomedical Engineering 40
Computer Engineering 40
Informatics 150
Information System 110
Information Technology 40
Telecommunication Engineering 40
Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business Product Design 48
Interior Design 40
Visual Communication Design 40
Business Management 70
Development Studies 50
Total 2.524
Admission capacity listed above is a composite capacity of all Independent Selection held by ITS.

Cluster of Major Based on Tightness

The list below is a clustering of major offered in ITS based on the tightness which is measured from the number of registrants on previous selection compared to the number of new students accepted in Independent Selection.

Faculty Major Cluster of SKMP 2021
Faculty of Science and Data Analytics Physics Low
Mathematics Moderate
Statistics Moderate
Chemistry Low
Biology Moderate
Actuarial Science High
Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering Moderate
Mechanical Engineering (Joint Degree)
Chemical Engineering Moderate
Engineering Physics Low
Industrial Engineering High
Material Engineering Low
Food Engineering High
Faculty of Civil Planning and Geo Engineering Civil Engineering High
Architecture High
Environmental Engineering High
Urban and Regional Planning Moderate
Geomatics Engineering Low
Geophysics Engineering Low
Faculty of Marine Technology Naval Achitecture Moderate
Naval Architecture (Joint Degree)
Marine Engineering Low
Marine Engineering (Joint Degree)
Ocean Engineering Moderate
Marine Transportation Engineering Low
Offshore Engineering Moderate
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Electrical Engineering Moderate
Biomedical Engineering High
Computer Engineering High
Informatics High
Information System High
Information Technology High
Telecommunication Engineering
Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business Product Design Low
Interior Design Moderate
Visual Communication Design Moderate
Business Management High
Development Studies High

Provision of Selection

Achievement Selection is an independent selection pattern by ITS based on academic achievement screening using report cards and other achievements. This selection is open to all undergraduate study programs organized by ITS, and only accepts students from the exact exact department, except for the Industrial Product Design, Business Management, and Development Studies study programs which also accept students from non-exact majors. Provisions for applicants from SMK need to adjust the relevance of the previous major to the chosen study program.

Achievement Category

In the selection process, the selection committee will consider achievements or awards as evidenced by evidence of achievement documents. Applicants for Achievement Selection are required to have at least one achievement according to the criteria. Achievements that can be uploaded proof of achievement are:

  1. Championship in local, provincial, national, or international level
    1. Science Olympiads
    2. Sports Championship
    3. Art Competition
    4. Scientific Research/Journal
  2. Religious Scripture memorizer
  3. Activities of organization (chairmen, vice, or management member)
  4. School rank 1-15 (following the provision of eligible student ranking in SNMPTN)
  5. Chairmen of event comittee
All achievements chosen to be attached in the application should be completed with the legal proof, such as certificate, letter of statement from official institution, or letter of recommendation from high school principal. Template of the letter of recommendation can be downloaded here.

Special Requirements for Interests in Design Study Program at ITS

Those interested in Industrial Product Design, Visual Communication Design and Interior Design, Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business study programs are required to upload a Portfolio in the Field of Fine Arts. Hereby are templates registrants must complete.

Work instruction can be downloaded here.
Statement of Authenticity can be downloaded here.
Portfolio Sumbit Template can be downloaded here.


Registration Fee

The registration of Independent Selection for Bachelor Program is charged as follow.


Selection Registration Fee
Achievement Selection IDR 250.000,00

Registrants with KIP Kuliah are not charged registration fee with provision that study program applied must be accreditated A or Unggul by BAN-PT. The list of study programs which can be selected by the registrants with KIP Kuliah can be seen in tab Scholarship.

Registration Steps

The procedures of registration for Indepedent Selection Based on Achievements will be conducted online through ITS website ITS on with these steps:

We highly suggest all registrants to use laptop or desktop to fill the online form. Please fill it carefully! Double-check before saving permanently or stepping forward to the next step.
  1. For all new registrant to ITS, make your account by registering MyITS Admission account through Meanwhile registrants who have already had their account, can directly continue logging in. Required data that should be prepared to make account:
    1. ID number (Nomor Induk Kependudukan), and
    2. Pas photo sized 4×6 with blue or red background, maximum file size is 1024 kb with minimum resolution of 64×64, and
    3. ID Card scan: Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP, Citizen Card) atau Kartu Keluarga (KK, Family Card), and
    4. Self-portrait holding the ID card.
  2. Login to MyITS Admission account using myITS ID (registered email which has already been verified) and your password.
  3. Register the selection of Bachelor Program (SKM – Prestasi, ensure to choose one selection only). To register online, all prosprective registrants should prepare:
    1. Report card score from Semester 1 to 6
      1. If the report card of Semester 6 hasn’t been handled, fill until Semester 5.
      2. Score to input is knowledge score.
      3. Mathematics score uses score of matematika peminatan (advanced mathemetics) for registrants for Natural Science major (IPA) and matematika umum (basic mathematics) for registrants from others.
    2. Achievements proof (certificate or school recommendation letter)
    3. Motivation letter or personal statement (file A4 1 page, typed/hand written, containing elaboration about achievements, social acitivities, skills, and excellence owned by prospective student)
    Maximal size for every documents uploaded is 1 MB.
  1. Prospective students fill the online registration form according to available instructions correctly. Please fill in order especially in education tab.

    Mistakes/cheats in filling out this form can result in cancellation of acceptance at ITS. Registration data cannot be changed after the form is completed and stored permanently/finalized

  2. Choose the study program choices. All prospective participants can choose maximum two choices of study program/major as listed. The order of choices states the priority of choice.
  3. After making sure all the data is correct, do the finalization. Participants will get a Payment Code, participants can pay the registration fee according to the instructions. Please pay the registration fee before the specified payment deadline. (Important!: Registration Fee is non-refundable).
  4. After you pay the registration fee, login to your MyITS Admission account to download the Registration Card.
  5. Prospective participants sign the Proof of Registration Card in the space provided. The signed Proof of Registration Card is valid as a Participant Identity Card for the ITS Undergraduate Entrance Selection. This card must be stored properly and brought/uploaded when re-registering when the participant has been officially declared accepted.


For prospective students who are declared to have passed the Partnership and Independent Selection, they are required to fill in data online by filling in their biodata and uploading the required documents through the page and re-registering. Requirements and procedures for filling in Sipmaba data and re-registration will be informed when the selection results are announced.

Tuition Fee

New students who are accepted to this selection are charged tuition fee paid at the beginning of semester before the class begins. The cost of tuition fee for students accepted through this selection is categorized into three groups by considering family’s financial ability through reporting procedures when reregistration process. This selection doesn’t require SPI or Institution Development Donation. Furthermore, study programs accredited A or Unggul by BAN-PT can be applied with KIP Kuliah scholarship. The information about KIP Kuliah can be accessed through this following page:

Category Tuition Fee
1 IDR 7.500.000
2 IDR 10.000.000
3 IDR 12.500.000
The selection based on achievement receives applicants with Kartu Indonesia Pintar Kuliah (KIP-K) Scholarship in several study programs. List of study programs that match this requirements can be seen in tab Scholarship.

Scholarship Available at ITS

KIP Kuliah Scholarship

KIP-Kuliah scholarships apply to all study programs at ITS, except for the Joint Degree study program and the International Undergraduate Program (IUP). The provisions that apply to KIP-Kuliah Scholarship applicant in the 2021 SBMPTN pathway at ITS are as follows.

  • Applicants from economically disadvantaged families can apply for KIP-Kuliah tuition assistance.
  • Prospective participants who receive KIP-Kuliah must first study the registration procedure for the KIP-Kuliah program on the following page¬†
  • Study programs/majors which can be chosen by applicants with KIP Kuliah are limited in study programs accredited A or Unggul. The list of the study programs meant is as the following:
Faculty Study Program
Faculty of Science and Data Analytics Physics
Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Engineering Physics
Industrial Engineering
Material Engineering
Faculty of Civil Planning and Geo Engineering Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Urban and Regional Planning
Geomatics Engineering
Geophysical Engineering
Faculty of Marine Technology Naval Architecture
Marine Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Marine Transportation Engineering
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Electrical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Information System
Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business Product Design
Interior Design

Other Tuition Aid

In addition to KIP-Kuliah scholarships, ITS collaborates with various agencies to provide scholarships and tuition aids for ITS students. Students can obtain scholarships or tuition aids from various sources after obtaining an academic GPA and the available forms as a prerequisite for obtaining a scholarship.

Important Dates

Steps Dates
Registration April 25 – May 31, 2022
Achievement Verification* June 3 – 6, 2022
Result Announcement June 8, 2022
Reregistration** June 9 – 13, 2022
*) Intended for registrants who apply for the Memorization of the Holy Scriptures with certain achievements
**) Detailed information regarding the schedule, requirements, activities, and others will be further informed along with the announcement of the selection results.

Further Information

Directorate of Education ITS
Subdirectorate of Admission
ITS Main Campus, Sukolilo, Surabaya 60111 Indonesia
Phone: +62 852-3323-5726
(Whatsapp chat and any information about new student admission
will only be serviced pn local office hour 08.00 – 16.00 GMT+7)

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