Student Exchange at Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT) Korea Selatan

Wed, 11 Sep 2019
9:53 am
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South Korea or South Korea is a country in East Asia that includes the southern part of the Korean Peninsula which is headquartered in the city of Seoul. South Korea is famous for conscription and its K-Pop. Ajeng Prameswati is an ITS Material Engineering student who was fortunate to get to know more about the ginseng country.

“After going through a series of selections held by ITS International Office, I managed to qualify and go to Korea in March 2019,” the 2015 Female Student said.

“My biggest desire during college is to be able to feel studying abroad and South Korea is one of the countries I want to visit to learn and get to know their culture,” Ajeng said.

He also told me while in Korea living in a dormitory that had been provided by the campus. At KIT he was registered as a Mechanical Engineering student. Although different departments, but the campus there allows him to take courses from other departments, so he can take advantage of this by taking courses in materials engineering and civil engineering.

“The atmosphere of teaching and learning in KIT is very conducive and orderly. At first I had difficulty because the professor there taught in Korean and only provided presentations and books in English. However, all professors there are very open when I ask even they are willing to spend their time just to teach me material that has been taught in English, “he said.

Besides taking compulsory courses, he also took Korean language classes to help communicate with the Korean community. In addition to teaching and learning activities on campus, the university organizes the Global Understanding “World Culture Awareness Program” which aims to introduce the culture of each country from student exchange participants to elementary school students to senior high school in Korea “.

“There I participated and I had the opportunity to introduce Indonesian culture to students in primary and secondary schools. I am happy because the students there are very enthusiastic to get to know Indonesian culture. In addition to the Global Understanding activity, I also work part time at the English Cafe which is facilitated by the International Office KIT, “he explained.

During his life in South Korea, Ajeng did not find it difficult to adapt, because besides having many friends and seniors who helped him a lot, Korean people were also very friendly and very kind to strangers so he always felt helped.

“Many things I can take from this sudent exchange activity. Besides I get a lot of new knowledge here, I also learn about Korean culture that really appreciates time and is very disciplined. I can also build relationships with friends from Korea and other countries. This student exchange activity also taught me how to survive and adapt to a new environment that is very different from what we feel everyday in Indonesia. This activity is one of the activities that will be very useful and I hope that many of my friends at ITS Material Engineering can get the opportunity to study abroad, “he said.

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