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Fri, 27 Sep 2019
4:02 pm
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Today, we can access the outside world very easily. We can find out the latest information from the distance of continents to continents, only with the touch of the internet. Technology continues to evolve and the world continues to innovate with more reach than that. The world is entering the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution 4.0 applies the concept of automation carried out by machines without the need for human labor in its application and is connected to one another using networks Internet.

At the beginning of last September, I had the opportunity to learn directly from the industrial country 4.0 for one week. Taiwanese. Taiwan has already focused on several elements, namely, robotic, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, 3D printing, big data, and automation. Many universities in Taiwan have conducted research and development in the field of Industrial Revolution 4.0 such as the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). So that makes Taiwan one of the developed countries in the Asian region which can be an example.

There we were also given an introduction to the student organization at NTUST namely the ISA (Indonesian Student Association) which is chaired by Beni where this organization will assist students from arriving in Taiwan. Then, the IMSA (International Muslim Student Association) organization that helps Muslim students with spiritual matters at NTUST. NTUST itself is a spiritually friendly campus, they provide several places of worship such as prayer rooms.

The most exciting agenda during the workshop, where students this time visited Lab 4.0 Industrial Center and were introduced to EPSON Robot namely SCARA and 6-AXIS. After the introduction, participants were invited to a coding simulation for programming the robot itself using a computer.

The opportunity that I got was because ITS had an ITS Goes Beyond 2019 program: Study Excursion Batch 2 – Taiwan held by ITS through the Directorate of International Relations, the November 10 Institute of Technology. This program aims to provide opportunities for ITS students to gain knowledge and information about elements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 that are being developed in Taiwan and strengthen the foreign relations of the two tertiary institutions to open up opportunities for international cooperation. To participate in this program, there are several stages of selection that must be passed, namely file selection by filling out an online form (including CV and motivation letter), upgrading teaching English to ITS employees, upgrading English through Duo Lingo application, Forum Group Discussion (FGD), and interview.

To join this program, we must pay a transportation and accommodation fee of Rp. 7,000,000. However, the Directorate of International Relations of the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology provides a scholarship in the amount of which adjusts our final assessment results during the selection stage.

Taiwan is a country with an orderly traffic. They have convenient facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, such as traffic lights for pedestrians and cyclists. NTUST has a special consultation and psychological therapy facility for students who want to talk and complain when stressed is called the Student Center. The room is very comfortable and private, the hall before arriving in the room there are also many beautiful and soothing paintings. NTUST has a photobox for formal photos (photographs) of various sizes and various backgrounds. Very effective and useful in an educational environment. In my opinion, a visit to Taiwan opens up new experiences and learning to face the outside world. I was able to compare and take lessons that could be applied in Indonesia especially at ITS.

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