Tue, 10 May 2022
9:01 am
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Dear Family of Material & Metallurgical Engineering Alumni, ITS.

May success always accompany the career journey of the alumni.

The world continues to change with the discovery and application of new science and technology. This change then demands continuous improvement of existing competencies, development of new competencies and changing the absorption of labor in various fields of life which must be responded quickly and consistently by educational institutions including the Department of Materials & Metallurgy Engineering, FTIRS, ITS.

On this occasion, we again ask for input from alumni through an online tracer study survey as an evaluation material for the Materials & Metallurgical Engineering study program, FTIRS, ITS and as data in the IABEE international reaccreditation process. The Alumni Study Tracer link can be accessed at:

In addition, we also ask that the company where the alumni work is willing to fill out a user satisfaction questionnaire for DTMM graduates, so that it can be used as an evaluation and curriculum development in the future. The DTMM Graduate User Satisfaction Questionnaire link can be accessed at:

The two links above can be accessed at the website address

We really hope for the response and input from the entire Material & Metallurgical Engineering family, FTIRS, ITS.

We thank you very much for your response and input. Success is always for all alumni scattered in various parts of the world.

Warm regards,

Head of the Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Department, FTIRS, ITS

Sigit Tri Wicaksono, S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D

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