Curriculum Map

8 sks
Management information SystemSelected Courses in Areas of InterestElective coursesElective courses
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Research Methodology and Proposal WritingCompulsory Elective Courses Field of Interest*Compulsory Elective Courses Field of Interest*
Selected Courses in Areas of Interest
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Statistics & Probability ApplicationsCoordinate Systems & Map ProjectionsSpatial Data ProgrammingSatellite Geodesy Application
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Curriculum Structure

Course Name Credit
    Semester I
RM185103 Applications of Satellite Geodesy 2
RM185101 Applied Statistics and Probability 2
RM185102 Spatial Data Programming 2
RM185104 Coordinate Systems and Map Projections 2
    Semester II
RM185203 Analysis of Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery 3
RM185201 Cartography and Digital Mapping 2
RM185204 Research Methodology 2
RM185202 Advanced Geographic Information Systems 3
    Semester III
Elective Course 2
Elective Course 2
Elective Course 2
Elective Course 2
Semester IV
Elective Course 2
RM185401 Thesis 8

List of Elective Courses

Course Name Credit
   List Elective Course
RM185901 Global Navigation Satellite System Data Analysis 2
RM185902 Deformation and Geodynamics Analysis 2
RM185916 Geodetic Aspects of Law of the Sea 2
RM185908 Modern Photogrammetry 2
RM185912 Advanced Marine Cadastre 2
RM185909 Spatial Data Conversion 2
RM185924 Disaster Mitigation 2
RM185915 Advanced Physical Oceanography 2
RM185905 Earth Gravity Modelling 2
RM185906 Management of Geospatial Information Infrastructure 2
RM185917 Cadastre and Land Management 2
RM185911 High Resolution Image Processing 2
RM185907 Urban and Regional Planning 2
RM185903 Terrestrial Data Management 2
RM185914 Applied Hydrographic Survey 2
RM185919 Tax Administration System 2
RM185918 Tax Information System 2
RM185920 Land Registration System 2
RM185910 Socio Spatial Economic 2
RM185913 Management Information System 2
RM185904 Applied of Geology and Geophysics 2
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