Canteen of the Department of Geomatics Engineering

Logic needs logistics. Humans need nutrition so that cognitive function can run optimally. Therefore the Geomatics Engineering Department has canteen facilities to meet those needs. Canteen Geomatics provides a variety of nutritious food and beverage menus in various variations. From the cheapest to the cheapest, served hot or cold, snacks to main meals, dine in or take away. Located on the edge of a geomatics lake and surrounded by a grove of trees creates a comfortable atmosphere to unwind during the campus activities. And important facilities, the canteen provides sanitation facilities in the form of a sink to wash hands and trash bins in sufficient quantities.

There may be good food elsewhere, but believe that the atmosphere cannot be bought, especially in the Geomatics Canteen. Welcome and enjoy.

Service Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 – 16:00

Saturday, Sunday and red holiday dates.