Vision and Mission


Become an international education program in the utilization and development of science and survey mapping technology to support geospatial information industry and natural resources management with an environmental perspective


The mission of the Department of Geomatics Engineering covers aspects of education, research, and community service (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi), namely:

  1. Organizes the process of geomatics engineering field competency-based education and teaching field;
  2. Carry out quality research in the utilization and development of geomatics science and technology to support the dissemination of geospatial information;
  3. Improve the capability of geospatial information utilization and management for community and geospatial industry; and
  4. Establish strategic partnerships with various government and private agencies both national and international


  1. To develop students become Bachelors of Geomatics Engineering who have academic and professional skills in the application and development of science and technology in geospatial information management field.
  2. To create proficient and skilled bachelor of Geomatics Engineering in mastership of surveying and mapping technology based on geospatial information technology in order to support development in information and globalization era.
  3. To develop and disseminate sciences and technology in geospatial information management field and to use it for the people welfare in order to enrich the national culture.
  4. To produce graduates whom able to develop themselves and their career as professionals, bureaucrats, and entrepreneur.