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Geomatics Engineering is a field of modern science that integrates collection, modeling, analysis and management of spatial data (location-based). Spatial data obtained through measurements of terrestrial, marine, spacecraft and satellite sensors by referring to the basic framework of geodesy. It also includes the process of transforming spatial data from various measurement sources into an information system with well-defined accuracy characteristics.

Rapid progress, and increased visibility, from geomatics since the 1990s have been made possible by advances in computer technology, computer science, and software engineering, as well as aerial observation and space sensing technology.


The fields of geomatics include :

  • Spatial data acquisition and processing
  • Land, sea and air mapping
  • Digital terrain models
  • Geodesy / geomatics
  • Geographical Information
  • System Spatial database
  • Global positioning system
  • Hydrographic
  • Mapping
  • Navigation / positioning
  • Control network
  • UAV / Photogrammetry Drone
  • Position / location of natural resources
  • Remote sensing
  • Analysis of satellite imagery
  • Land / property valuation
  • Measurement of land parcels (cadastral)
  • etc.

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