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Plato, Atlantis and Sundaland

Aquaman is a new superhero film and has aired some time ago. Aquaman returns to his village to his ancestral homeland, the underwater land of Atlantis. The film director tries to create a fantasy world of an underwater civilization that is visually beautiful and shows Atlantis with a new and ancient taste at the same time. The culture of Atlantis was very advanced.

This film inspires ITS, to reverse the past history related to the land of Atlantis which was written by the philosopher Plato more than 2000 years ago. Plato mentioned that there are regions of countries where civilization is very high and rich. In our opinion, a cheerful country is ‘loh jinawi’ and ‘baldatun toyyibatun warabun ghofur’. Plato’s writings are the only source from ancient Greece that mentions Atlantis. Other ancient Greek scholars such as Strabo, Diodorus, Siculus and Plutarch also mentioned them, but all refer back to Plato. Plato wrote that Atlantis is a story passed down from generation to generation in his family. Therefore the existence of Atlantis as a country or island is in doubt. Experts and commentators admit this is a story by Plato. Plato presented Atlantis as the antithesis of the ideal Athenian society.

The hypothesis of the existence of Athalists in Sundaland began to be built by experts including Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph.D, a nuclear physicist and geologist who puts definitively that Atlantis is in the territory of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei (The Lost Continent Finally Found, 2010). Danny Hilman in his book “Plato Doesn’t Lie About Atlantis Is Part of Indonesian History (2014)”, cites more of Timiaeus-Critias and its relation to the Archipelago’s Ancient Catastrophic Disaster.
Dhani Irwanto in his book “Atlantis, a Lost City in the Java Sea, 2015” states that based on data findings in the field, it uses an approach to geographic images, climate, land and city layout, river hydraulics and channels, agricultural products, social structures, customs. their customs, mythology, and destruction are detailed, including their dimensions and orientation. Then Atlantis was in the Java Sea.

We, Geophysical Engineering ITS,  proudly presents:

”Webinar: Menyingkap Jejak Peradaban Atlantis di Laut Jawa”

with Speaker:

  • Dhani Irwanto (CEO Indonesia Hydro Consult )

  • Dr. Rina Zuraida (Pusat Survei Geologi – Badan Geologi )
  • Dr. Salahudin Husin M (Teknik Geologi UGM)

and Discussion Opener :

  • Dr. Andang Bachtiar (Maurel et Prom)

as Moderator:

  • Dr. Amien Widodo (Geophysical Engineering ITS)

The event will be held on:

Material of Webinar will be updated in this page:


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