Visit booth of ITS Campus at Virtual Edu Expo 2021

Thu, 04 Feb 2021
5:21 pm
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Do you want to see the ITS campus directly in this PPKM period??
Want to come to Surabaya, but still have to reduce mobility?

No need to worry, Prospective Students of ITS Campus !
The ITS campus can still be seen directly!

ITS is here to enliven “One Click @” Virtual Edu Expo 2021,
An exhibition of your favorite campuses in Indonesia that can be peeked at virtually!

What is the time?

6-7 February 2021
08.00 – 19:00 WIB

Prospective students of ITS Campus can get complete information about educational plans, FREE talkshow not only for prospective students, but also parents, and teachers
Also participate in various EXCITING COMPETITIONS and get a total of tens of millions of rupiah in prizes!

Come visit the ITS Virtual Booth,
click the details and get all complete information about ITS, your chosen candidate campus!
See you there, Prospective Students of ITS Campus!



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