Modul Nusantara Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka ITS: Menembus Lorong Waktu Menuju Majapahit

Tue, 27 Sep 2022
1:15 pm
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The Modul Nusantara is a series of activities focused on creating a comprehensive understanding of diversity, inspiration, reflection, and social contribution designed through sequential and repeated mentoring.
This is intended to maximize the meeting space between students, increase understanding, and deposit the meaning of tolerance.
These activities aim to introduce the rich culture of the archipelago that comes from various groups, ethnicities, races, religions and beliefs.
Culture functions as the identity of the civilization of a society or country that makes it different from one nation to another. Culture as a barrier, shaping the behavior of community groups, and communication media. Don’t let us not know who we really are, let alone lose our identity.
The Modul Nusantara PMM II ITS will introduce the culture of the Majapahit kingdom and focus more on the science and technology of civilization.
Let’s join on the spot, according to the date listed on the poster!

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