ITS Geophysical Engineering Sent Lecturer and Staff To Be Delegation in International Fair “ TAU Phillipphines International Outbond Student Exchange and Internship Fair”

Thu, 10 Mar 2022
10:26 am
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The leading university in Philipphines, Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU), held an international meeting attended by various universities from Indonesia on Friday, February 18, 2022. In the event which was held to have partnership discussion in the field of student exchange between TAU and universities in Indonesia, ITS Geophysical Engineering sent two delegation which are one academic staff, Mariyanto, S.Si., M.T., and one non-academic staff, Dihein Reksa Ikmaluhakim, S.T. to engage in discussions related to international engagement.

Event Rundown of TAU International Outbond Student Exchange and Internship Fair

The event, which was held virtually, was opened by an opening remark from the chairmans of TAU, which was then followed up with a breakout room session. This breakout room session is the main event which has discussion on collaboration opportunities in the form of student exchange and internship programs, with each appropriate faculties. In the College of Engineering room, Mariyanto and Dihein delivered presentations about  brief scientific description of geophysical engineering, the types of laboratories available, and the course syllabus of ITS Geophysical Engineering, which aims to provide an overview of student exchange opportunities that can be established with TAU. Regarding internship opportunities, these two lecturer and staff who also served as Internationalization Liason Officers, provided an explanation of the scope of internship topics that could be provided by ITS Geophysical Engineering, such as Disaster Mitigation, Geophysical Exploration, Indonesia Ring of Fire, and so on.


Non-academic Staff of  Geophysical Engineering ITS, Dihein Reksa Ikmaluhakim, S.T,, deliver presentation in TAU International Outbond Student Exchange and Internship Fair


After this event, it is hoped that it will result in student exchange and internship collaboration, both students from the TAU College of Engineering doing outbound mobility to ITS Geophysical Engineering, and vice versa. By promoting this kind of international cooperation, it will automatically boost ITS’s ranking in World Class University.

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