Important Dates for ITS New Students of 2022

Fri, 15 Jul 2022
1:49 pm
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Hello ITS Students!

Congratulations to the new students who were successfully accepted at the ITS Surabaya!

Before the lecture begins, there are a series of special activities provided  for new students!

  •  1-4 August 2022 : Spiritual and National Training (Pelatihan Spiritual dan Kebangsaan-PSB)
  •  8 August 2022 : Official acceptance of new students for diploma and undergraduate programs by the Rector
  • 9-10 August 2022 : Information and Introduction to ITS (Informasi & Pengenalan ITS-IPITS)
  • 11-13 August 2022 : GERIGI ITS
  •  15-19 August 2022 : Curiculum-based Training of Professionalism and Competency (Orientasi Keprofesian & Kompetensi Berbasis Kurikulum – OK2BK)
  •  25-27 August 2022 : UKM EXPO


And also an announcement for all new students, before the activity takes place, new students are expected to have done a Booster Vaccine for safety and mutual comfort.


Don’t forget to join the official Ditnawa telegram group for new students 2022/2023 and get the latest information regarding new student activities:

  • Call Center Direktorat Kemahasiswaan ITS : 0822-4549-3201

Keep taking care of your health by implementing health protocol: Wearing a mask, Washing your hands with soap, Keeping your distance, Reducing mobility, and Staying away from crowds.

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