Practical Work and Internship

Practical Work and Internship


The Geophysical Engineering Department gives students the opportunity to be able to apply the knowledge learned in college to be applied in the world of work. Duration of practical work  is generally for 3 months. The purpose of this Practical Work is the application of geophysical concepts and methods through internships in research institutes, private and government companies aimed at increasing knowledge and experience about the scope of geophysical work.

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In order to facilitate students of the Geophysical Engineering Department in carrying out practical work, the following documents can be downloaded related to the implementation of Job Training:

Company List

Here are some lists of companies that have facilitated Geophysical Engineering Department students in carrying out practical work

  • PT Pertamina
    PT Supreme Energy
    PLN (Persero)
    Pusat Sumber Daya Mineral Batubara dan Panasbumi
    Saka Energi Indonesia