Congratulations on the Achievements of ITS Geophysical Engineering Students in the Petroleague Competition 2022

Mon, 19 Dec 2022
4:39 pm
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In the 2022 Petroleague competition, four ITS Geophysics Engineering students won the title. Three students who are members of the “Team of God” namely Damianus Ardi, Jeremy Michael, M. Rommy Bastian, successfully won the “Champion of Petrosmart Competition”. This competition tests the insights of participants in the oil and gas sector.



Then the student who joined with students from other departments, Muhammad Rafi, won the 1st Runner Up position in the Case Study Competition. This competition requires participants to provide their most creative and effective response to a particular issue, involving the oil and gas sector.

Petroleague 2022 itself is an annual internal competition held by the SPE ITS Student Chapter to expose its members and committee to national and international scale competitions.



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