PLC and Supervisory Control System Laboratory

The strategic issue used as the basis and focus of research from PLC and Supervisory Control System Laboratories in 2015-2020 is the use of automation technology for industrial needs.

Programable Logic Controller (PLC) is one of the important elements in industrial automation. Therefore, studying the basic concepts of PLCs is very important for the development of automation technology in the future.

Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory has few research focuses. Currently PLC are conducting a reaseach in developing gas identification system. And the 5 years roadmap of this research is stated below :

  1. Basic Prototyping
  2. Accuracy Enhancement
  3. Ability Development
  4. Facility Addition
  5. Scaleup process

PLC Training


PLC 01. Introduction to Control Systems   Download
PLC 02. Sensor and Actuator   Download
PLC 03. 1. Sequential Control   Download
PLC 03. 2. Electrical Relay Diagram   Download
PLC 03. 3. IEC   Download
PLC 04. 1. PLC Architecture   Download
PLC 04. 2. I/O PLC   Download
PLC 05. Module of Simulator PLC Mitsubishi Q Series   Download


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A. Operation Manual CQM1   Download

B. Programming Manual CQM1H   Download

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A. Manual Q Series Basic Course (for GX Developer)E   Download

B. Manual Q Series Basic Course for_GX_Works2_SH-081123-A_(10.2012)     Download

C. Mitsubishi Q_I-O_Module_Type_Building   Download

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Sensor&Interface  01 Introduction of Measurement    Download
Sensor&Interface  02 Fundamental Sensor Characteristic    Download
Sensor&Interface  03 Fundamental of Sensor   Download
Sensor&Interface  04 Temperature Sensor Download

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