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Electrical Automation Engineering Department is one of the department within the ITS Vocational Faculty that concentrates on the field of industrial automation. This field is concerned with the design and application of technologies that minimize human intervention in industrial processes in order to increase efficiency and product quality.

  Student Activities



Students can improve their soft skills through the organization not only in academic activities but also in organization activities so the students be strong individuals in the future so they can more ready to face the next step of their life and also build a cooperation with other parties.



Many achievements both students and lecturers of Electrical Automation Engineering Department in various fields. Explore the full achievements here.



The graduates of the Electrical Automation Engineering Department have promising career prospects. You can work as an engineer, programmer, until entrepreneur.


Study Program

Department of Electrical Automation Engineering have currently one study program of bachelor of applied engineering (Diploma IV) in Automation Engineering Technology


Department of Electrical Automation Engineering provides admissions in Diploma Empat program through ITS Admissions Selection (SMITS)

Fees and Scholarships

ITS offers more than 200 study programs with different field of science and engineering to student candidates in Indonesia.

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