Cyber Physical, Industrial Robotics and Automation Laboratory

The strategic issue that became the basis for the Cyber Physical, Automation and Robot Industry Laboratory in 2015-2020 is the use of Computer Technology and Automation for the advancement of industrial technology.

Data and Information are one of the vital elements in the aspect of community life. Therefore, mastery of computer technology and automation is very important for the advancement of automation technology in the industry that is useful for the welfare and sovereignty of the nation.

The research focuses of Cyber Physical, Industrial Robotic, and Automation Laboratory are :

  • Computerized Numerical Control dan Machine Tools
  • Large Scale Industries
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Intelligent Unmanned Vehicle
  • Stage Automation
  • Hardware In the Loop Simulation

Courses : Fundamental of Control System

  1. Fundamental of Control System  Bab. I      Download
  2. Fundamental of Control System Bab. II     Download
  3. Fundamental of Control System Bab. III    Download
  4. Fundamental of Control System Bab. IV    Download
  5. Fundamental of Control System Bab. V     Download
  6. Fundamental of Control System Bab. VI    Download

Courses : Analysis for Signal and System

  1. Linearsystem 01     Download
  2. Linearsystem 02     Download
  3. Linearsystem 03     Download
  4. Linearsystem 04     Download
  5. Linearsystem 05     Download
  6. Linearsystem 06     Download
  7. Linearsystem 07     Download
  8. Linearsystem 08     Download

Courses :  Pneumatic and Hydrolic Technique

Lecturer : 1.  Ir. Joko Susila, MT 
                2.  Lucky Putri Rahayu., S.Si., M.Si 

Material  1  :  Fluidsim     Download

Assigment       : Assigment for Week  7th  Download