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ITS is Indonesia’s front guard in innovation and technology. As a university that has been trusted by the Indonesian government to manage its institutions independently, ITS continues to encourage the development of research and innovation in the field of science. In every research and innovation that is carried out, ITS focuses on applied research to solve problems in everyday life. ITS believes that to achieve sustainable development, the collaboration between universities, industry, government and the community is needed. For this reason, ITS always bridges the relationship between the three other development pillars to ensure that its research is able to be realized and beneficial for humans and the environment.

Among various research at ITS, we have gained the trust of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) to have a Center of Science and Technology (PUI), such as Automotive Work System Center where various revolutions in the automotive sector in Indonesia have been born.

Various innovations in the automotive sector have made ITS one of the axes of Indonesia’s automotive development

ITS has collaborated with various partners in developing product and prototype researches that are ready to run. These products are then summarized in ITS science technopark, which bridges between research in ITS and ITS partners.

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ITS has a Science and Technology Center as a form of Kemristekdikti’s trust in the quality of ITS research. Explore the latest innovations in ITS here

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