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Maybe the question here is: what is the relationship between new technology research, IP, innovation and an improving economy? A new technology that results from ongoing research can help improve the economy by: First, the license of the IP is used by the Start-up / Spin-off Company that was born from universities or research institutions. Second, licenses from KI are used by other companies to produce something that is beneficial to the community.

So it becomes clear that universities are responsible for increasing the number of IP that is licensed in an effort to support the improvement of the national economy. It can be understood here that the role of universities began to shift. From the initial functions of education, teaching and community service, now and in the future, a number of roles were added such as: administering research funds from various sources, evaluating and marketing the resulting technology, identifying potential inventions downstream, negotiating licenses from IP owned, entrepreneurship development, incubating start-up / spin-off companies, conducting training related to IP and several other functions. So that the Transfer Technology Office (TTO) or in Indonesian is introduced as the Office of Technology Transfer (KAT) was born to assume the future roles of a tertiary institution. The existence of KAT is very important to oversee the invention of a tertiary institution into an innovation product that is widely used by the community.

The important role of the Transfer Technology Office in meeting university capabilities and industry demands

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