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Technology Business

Technology Business developed by ITS is a new business (initially a start-up) that is based on scientific, technological, and artistic competencies studied and implemented in the ITS environment, which is projected to be sustainable and continue flourishing, cultivating innovations, forming industries with thorough links, producing solutions and prosperity, engage labor, and employing intellectual property (HAKI).

Technology business that was constructed and developed is expected to evolve into a company (initially a start-up business), in which ITS has a stake or owns a share in it. This scheme is anticipated to serve as a revenue generator and source of income and endowment for ITS.

Fields of Focus

The business fields of the ITS Technology Business can produce goods or services that focuses in the following areas:

  1. Competencies and knowledge from each faculty/department/study program/laboratory.
  2. Competencies from the 4 STPs: a) ICT and Robotics; b) Creative Design; c)Maritime; d) Automotive and Transportation
  3. Competencies from each Research Centers and PUI.


  1. Technology Phase: produce concepts; designs; up until laboratory scale prototypes. This phase can be carried out in the department, lab, or STP.
  2. Funding Phase: concepts, designs, and prototypes as blueprints in the search of funds from various parties (government, ITS, banks, angel investors, crowd funding, etc.). This phase can be carried out by the Incubator and the Capital Unit.
  3. Production Phase: produce industrial scale prototypes, product trials/certifications; production (mass, serial, etc.), supply chain of materials and technology. This phase is carried out by STP, factories outside ITS (outwall), or incubators depending on the type and nature of the business.
  4. Business Phase: marketing, branding, and sales; corporate strategic management. This phase is to show and prove that the business concept can run smoothly, provide solutions, answer problems/needs, generate business turnovers and profits, etc. This phase is carried out by the Incubator and the Capital Unit.

Eligibity of Technology Business

The Technology Business to be developed must meet the following requirements:

  1. Rationality on:
    • Needs and markets of the proposed products.
    • Sustainability aspect; product life (life cycle).
    • Competitiveness, risks, and challenges aspect
  2. Significant differentiation of proposed products compared to existing ones.
  3. Target market share/major consumers.
  4. Comprehensive supply chain and links that will be managed in the proposed business.
  5. Production systems and methods.
  6. Sales, marketing, branding, and distribution plans.
  7. Fund needed and its allocation.
  8. Turnover and profit projections.


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