Directorate of Innovation and Science Techno Park

Innovative Research

The activities within this innovative research framework are basically a continuation of what the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) has done. Where in this case the ITS Directorate of Innovation and the Science Technology Area (DIKST) provides assistance to raise the Technology Readiness Level (TKT) of a research product.

DRPM produces products on 1-5 TRL scale. Furthermore, DIKST provides assistance to increase the TRL level of a product from the ITS academic research to a TRL 6 scale even until the product is ready for production. This assistance can be used to:

  • Conduct a business feasibility study of a product.
  • Conducting product tests on a limited scale or testing products on a production scale as well as assistance in obtaining Intellectual Property.

Through DIKST, ITS provides assistance in the form of access to funding for an innovative work of research results of inventors at ITS. This funding access assistance can be obtained through ITS local funding:

  • Assistance in implementing Feasibility Study / Intellectual Property Rights
  • Assistance with lab-scale testing, and
  • Assistance for carrying out production scale testing.

ITS Innovative Research

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